BBC Breakfast get given new pound coin, Dan Walker immediately loses it down the back of the sofa

We’ve all been there


Losing money down the back of the sofa – we’ve all done it. Small coins easily slip away down the cracks if you’re not careful, and over the years we’ve probably built up a secret treasure trove under our seats. Totally relatable.


It’s safe to say however that none of us have managed to lose change in this way live on TV, specifically after being given a brand-new coin to demonstrate – but that’s exactly what happened this morning to BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker after he was entrusted with the shiny new pound coin issued by the Royal Mint.

“We have a first here, this is – I have my pound coin, Dan has actually lost his pound coin,” co-host Louise Minchin said. “The first pound coin, down the back of the sofa, already!”

“I went for the first toss of the new pound coin, sort of a heads and tails thing, and it sort of disappeared down here somewhere,” Walker explained ruefully, before getting back down on his hands and knees to find the crucial item.


We won’t spoil whether he finds it or not – you can watch the full video above for that answer – but fingers crossed he’ll be a bit more careful the next time someone lends him a quid.