Apprentice candidate Dillon St Paul is actually an Irish reality TV star

Lord Sugar's wannabe business partner is no stranger to TV screens, having appeared on The Hills-style series Fade Street


He may be just another businessman vying for investment from Lord Sugar in this year’s series of The Apprentice but Irish contestant Dillion St Paul is no stranger to TV screens.


He first came to the attention of audiences on Irish reality TV series Fade Street back in 2010. 

The show, which was basically an Irish version of MTV’s The Hills or The City, followed a group of young Irish women – including Mission Survive 2015 winner Vogue Williams – who were living and working in Dublin. 

So, where did St Paul fit in?

Well, Vogue and her co-star Louise were working as interns at Irish womens’ magazine Stellar where St Paul just so happened to be serving as an art director at the time. 

He was more than happy to provide a listening ear for the ladies as they dealt with all their (scripted) drama.


Will he do the same for his Apprentice housemates? Or will he be fired before he has the chance?