One lucky Whovian got the shock of their life on this weekend's episode of Antiques Roadshow, when it emerged that their autograph collection could be worth a small fortune.


The unnamed fan brought the comprehensive signature set to Alexandra Palace, North London, where a special episode of the series celebrating the BBC's centenary was being filmed.

Among the items showcased were Del Boy's iconic Ford Capri and the original artwork for classic kids show Mr Benn, along with 900 Doctor Who autographs, including those from former stars Tom Baker, Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell.

“As well as all the actors who played the Doctor and companions, I’ve collected an awful lot of autographs from actors who’ve played supporting parts in separate stories," began the collector.

"Many of whom are probably only known for having appeared in certain Doctor Who stories and are probably only collected by people like me.”

The collection was being evaluated by expert Will Farmer, who described it as "mind-boggling" and praised the guest for his diligence putting it all together.

"This is the best part of your life’s work and it’s phenomenal," continued Farmer. "I’ve done my maths and I’ve spent my time with these albums.

"And yes, there are some signatures in here that are more affordable and less valuable, some that are more valuable. But even taking a mean average of 900 autographs, I think you’re looking at somewhere between £25,000 and £30,000.”

The collector was most fond of a signature from Roger Delgado (The Master, above)

The guest was clearly taken aback by that incredible sum, responding: "Wow, I feel a little bit sick hearing that. I did not expect it to be that much. That should hopefully cheer up my wife as well, bless her."

However, he insisted that the collection was not – and never would be – for sale, explaining it is his prized possession and naming The Master actor Roger Delgado's signature as his favourite.

"It’s something that I love to sit and flick through and it brings back lovely memories all the time," he added.

Doctor Who is cropping up across the BBC's centenary celebration, with The Power of the Doctor due to acknowledge the milestone, while the theme music was loaned to Strictly Come Dancing for a Weeping Angel dance from Tyler West.

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