American public caught fibbing about President Obama knowledge

The US President has new earrings, had a sleepover with Kim Jong Un and has a newborn son called Marcus, apparently

President Obama has been a busy man. Alongside, you know, running a country, he’s been getting his ears pierced, having sleepovers with Kim Jong Un and hiring retired basketball star Dennis Rodman as ambassador to North Korea… that’s all according to members of the public anyway.


Armed with a camera, US chat show host Jimmy Kimmel sent his team out to ask members of the public their views on made up news – the same trick he pulled during the World Cup – and they were quick to give their opinions on events that, well, didn’t actually happen. They remember where they were when they heard the news (at home), what they were doing (making soup), the kind of soup (clam chowder)… they just don’t remember that it’s not actually true.


It’s totally Obama’s right if he doesn’t want to get his newborn son Marcus circumcised, says one willing interviewee. He looks “pretty cool” with his new earrings says another, and while former sports star Rodman may not be all that experienced in his new role as Ambassador to North Korea, he hasn’t got that much to do it seems: America has “really excellent relations with North Korea right now”…