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Alan Sugar says Britain will be "the mugs of the world" if we leave the EU

Brexit is one idea The Apprentice mogul certainly won't be investing in

Published: Tuesday, 31st May 2016 at 9:59 am

Alan Sugar has said Britain will be "the mugs of the world" if we leave the EU - and he's not talking about kitchenware.


The business mogul and Apprentice star wrote a piece for The Sun in which he said that the campaign to leave the EU was "daft."

"I’ve been in business for 50 years, I’ve seen some pretty daft ideas in my time. And I’ll tell you one of them: Britain leaving the EU."

Sugar said he wanted to explain why "we’d be the mugs of the world if we left," arguing that his ability to trade with Europe when he first started his tiny business, was the fundamental reason an "average man" like him was able to succeed.

"When we entered the EU, it was a breath of fresh air for me. It opened up a massive market. I was free to sell to and buy from who I wanted and where I wanted. Honestly, that’s how my companies prospered."

He added that just because the institution is flawed doesn't mean we should abandon it.

"Now I’m not saying the EU is perfect. But you don’t sort something out by walking out of it.

I never got a business deal I wanted by storming out of a boardroom and then expecting them to dance to my tune."


Sugar is the latest famous face to join the Remain campaign, with Benedict Cumberbatch, Helena Bonham Carter and John Hurt among a long list of celebrities who recently signed a letter urging voters to stay in the EU ahead of the referendum.


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