Which gameshow is on Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow this week? Everything you need to know

Clue: avoid the hotspots!

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Alan Carr's Epic Gameshow: Strike It Lucky on ITV

Pictured: Alan Carr.

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Saturday night nostalgia trip Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow is well underway now.


We’ve already enjoyed a hilarious celebrity special of Play Your Cards Right, a reboot of The Price is Right and the gloriously tricky yes/no game in a revival of Take Your Pick.

Now it’s time to play a game that always reminded us of snakes and ladders – you think you’re getting somewhere, and then you’re sent back to the start. Along the way there are buttons to press with hotspots and spot prizes – do you know which show we’re talking about yet?

That’s right, Strike it Lucky is on its way back!

Here’s a reminder of how the show works…

How do you play Strike it Lucky?

The first thing for you to envisage is a big stage with ten TV screens marking out paths from left to right for each of the contestants. Have you got that in your mind? Good.

The game is played by teams of two. One person is nominated to answer the quiz questions – they will be given a category and must decide whether to answer two, three or four questions. Their success determines how far forward their teammate can move.

When they step forward they press the button on each TV screen. If they win a prize, or cash, they can decide whether to bank it or risk it. If they come across a hotspot they lose any prizes won on that turn and their go ends. The winning team is the one that can reach the final TV screen first.

Alan Carr Epic Game Show
Alan Carr’s Epic Game Show: Strike It Lucky

Who was the original host of Strike it Lucky? When was it on TV?

Strike it Lucky was originally a vehicle for hugely popular entertainer Michael Barrymore. Barrymore was known for the anarchy he could bring to any TV programme, his warmth with the general public and his ability to make an audience laugh, so a gameshow seemed the perfect format for him. The show ran from 1987 to 1999, during which time its name was changed to Strike it Rich for legal reasons.

Is Strike it Lucky the last gameshow in the run?

No, you lucky things still have the best to come – Bullseye!


Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow continues on ITV with Take Your Pick on Saturday night at 7.30pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.