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Aidan Turner is eggs-tremely sexy (and leery) in archive TV advert

When it comes to turning women's heads, the actor was on cracking form way before his Poldark days... logo
Published: Thursday, 2nd April 2015 at 3:35 pm

Long before Sunday night viewers swooned over his Ross Poldark, Aidan Turner was working on his sexy act.


This ancient TV ad for eggs sees a clean-shaven, fresh-faced Turner saunter through a supermarket, making good on that age-old advertising maxim: sex sells (in this case it sells eggs). Even without his luscious long locks and Cornish tan, 18 year-old Turner sends frissons through the female shoppers.

These basket skills probably didn't come in all that useful in his current role, but we're hoping Captain Ross will pull out this deliciously knowing wink at some point:

There's also a bit of ogling...

And a bit more....

No wonder Turner has said he doesn't mind being lusted after by Poldark fans – despite some viewers objecting to the fact that he's being "objectified".

Finally, he works on his quad muscles, which must have stood him in excellent stead for all that horse-riding...

...and put his future turn as a dwarf in The Hobbit in perspective.

Happy Easter!

Relish the 34-second advert in full below:


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