Adele auditioned to be an Adele impersonator — but was she good enough?

As part of Adele at the BBC at 8.30pm tonight, the superstar singer will try to fool other Adele impersonators that she's the real (fake) deal...

The limelight must be getting a bit much for Adele, because she’s chosen to take a step down in her career by auditioning to be an Adele impersonator. It’s not clear who will fill the role of being the actual Adele, but these details can be worked out later.


In a sketch on BBC1 tonight, the superstar singer takes on the role of Jenny (a fictional woman) to audition for a fake pilot show. In her guise as fake-Adele, she will try to fool nine real Adele personators (still with us?) that she’s a good enough Adele impersonator to get the gig. 


The wonderfully surreal sketch is part of Adele at the BBC at 8:30pm, during which the Hello singer will perform big hits and have a sit down interview with Graham Norton.