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A random woman crashed on Russell Tovey's sofa and he live tweeted the whole thing

When Him played host to an unwelcome Her...

Published: Monday, 24th August 2015 at 10:53 am

Russell Tovey had a bit of an unusual weekend. It all started off as normal – a leisurely Friday night trip to the theatre (to see Imelda Staunton in Gypsy). But things took a turn for the bizarre when he awoke in the early hours of Saturday morning to find the number of occupants under his roof had risen by one.


Twenty minutes later, she hadn't moved... and the Him & Her actor had taken drastic action.

An hour passed and some extra information had been gleaned from the mystery house guest.

They made friends.

Well, briefly.

Then Tovey left us hanging...

Did he show her the door? Did they spend the day baking scones together?

The afternoon brought us round two of the ongoing saga. After a nice walk with his dog and a workout, Tovey returned to this...

In the face of unwelcome cigarette butts, Tovey proved his patience knew no bounds.

But then afternoon became evening and as quickly as she had appeared, couch girl was gone, leaving a solitary souvenir in her wake.

Before she left, she made sure to leave her final mark on Tovey's abode.

Although two hours into her absence, this happened.


Couch girl, we have so many questions. Who are you? Where are you? Why? WHAT? Will the mystery ever be solved...?


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