A Place in the Sun continues today, with this afternoon's episode transporting viewers to Lecce in Southern Italy, where couple Jo and Neil are planning on starting their next adventure.


RadioTimes.com can exclusively reveal a first look clip at the episode, which sees the couple shown a stunning property by one of the show's hosts Jasmine Harman.

"I am dying to know what you two think of this place," she tells them as they arrive. "Because you've got a two-bedroom house, you've got two separate guest suites plus you've got the pool. So tell me what is going through your minds?"

Jo and Neil are clearly wowed with the property, but there appears to be one stumbling block – they think it must surely fall outside their £200,000 price cap.

"This has got to be way above budget!" Jo says, before Jasmine places her head in her hands.

The official description for the episode reveals that Jo and Neil have chosen to move to Lecce from their current home in Exeter, and they are ideally after a house near the beach so that Neil can indulge his surfing hobby.

They're also looking for a property with a guest annex to accommodate friends and family, and so Jasmine Harman has lined up five stunning properties that fit those requirements in the hope that one of them could become their next permanent home.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com about filming parts of the new series of A Place in the Sun during the pandemic, Jasmine said: "Obviously everyone has to wear masks all the time. So we were allowed to take the masks off when we were actually on camera. Everyone behind the scenes has to wear masks all the time indoors and outdoors. And we had to be two metres apart from everyone else."

Explaining how the logistics worked, she said the house hunters could stand next to each other but everyone else had to be two metres away from them.

"There were times when we could just couldn't all fit into a room," Jasmine added. "There were a couple of times when I just had to say, ‘You know, go and have a look at the rest on your now,” because I knew that we wouldn't all fit into the next room. There were those kinds of challenges.

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"You couldn't really go out for dinner in the evenings when we finished filming and it was just all different. That’s just how it is, I've had to accept. We get on with it and we made some brilliant shows, so it's really exciting."


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