A couple got engaged on Jeremy Kyle and it was as weird and uncomfortable as you’d imagine

Lie detector tests and a live studio audience don't equal romance


The Jeremy Kyle Show has seen its fair share of relationship shockers, but the ITV daytime show was host to “essentially one of the most unromantic things ever” yesterday, when one man decided it was time to pop the question.


Jordan, a boyfriend accused of cheating, stopped Kyle and announced that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend Aimee if he passed his lie detector test.

While the audience whooped, his girlfriend shook her head, which got things off to an awkward start. When Aimee was given the news that her beloved had in fact not been unfaithful at the fun fair she grabbed the results and ran off stage. Again, not ideal.

Naturally, Jordan chased her backstage where she muttered, “Yes” before he even asked, all while covering her incredibly embarrassed face with a Jeremy Kyle logo.

Kyle stepped in to try to rectify the terrible proposal. “Sorry, stop stop stop. Much as I like the Jeremy Kyle Show I don’t think you want that over your face… do it again. Do it properly.”


“Oh God, I hate you. Just hurry up and get this over with,” she then said through gritted teeth to her husband-to-be-or-maybe-not, before refusing to kiss him.

“Congratulations,” said Kyle, concluding what could be the worst marriage proposal ever. “If it doesn’t last you can come back on.”


Aw. Young love, eh?