A bubble-wrapped John Barrowman fell over on Loose Women again

Captain Jack just can't help falling for the Loose ladies


They say lightning doesn’t strike twice but John Barrowman proved there’s an exception to every rule by falling over on Loose Women… again.


The Doctor Who and Arrow star was on the ITV show to talk about his new panto, Dick Whittington when he joined the Loose Women dressed in bubble wrap and preceded to fall on his backside yet again – despite their best efforts to keep him safe.

Barrowman went viral when he toppled from a stool in high heels earlier this year and recalled the incident with much laughter when he finally picked himself up on the floor, having been freed from his bubble wrap prison by the ladies.

“I felt the chair going back and thought, ‘I can’t stop this right now’ and I went!” he explained. “I might have knocked some sense into myself but I’m ok, I’m fine, I still have the heels at home, don’t worry.”