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9 ways to get Gary Barlow to your wedding

As Gary Barlow reveals he'll sing at three fans' weddings this year, here's how to tempt him to pick yours...

Published: Tuesday, 6th January 2015 at 10:10 am

Gary Barlow wants to sing at three fans' weddings this year and we want him to pick yours. Yes, yours! 


He's already picked two, so there's one left. ONE LEFT. 

Each wedding he's chosen is being kept top secret, so all of the guests (and perhaps even the bride and groom, depending on who has arranged it) will get a huge surprise on the day as he steps out to sing one of his songs.

The Take That frontman wants "HUGE fans" to take part and said the idea was to stalk him on Twitter to grab his attention. As such, we've a few ideas for all those ladies fantasising about being lucky number three and tempting the silky-voiced crooner to their nuptials...

Pick a date that isn’t when the Take That tour is on

Of all the dates in all the land, poor Anita picked a wedding date that clashes with Gary's work commitments. Even GB seems gutted he can't surprise this super-dedicated fan (she shared a video showing just how many times she's met him), sending her a personal message to apologise.

Get your fiancé on board

Mr Barlow must be a true romantic to want to sing at so many weddings, so an adorable groom going to all of this effort for his wife-to-be is a good way to go.

Tempt a famous face to back your campaign

James Corden fronted a show last year – When Corden Met Barlow – which saw the Take That singer surprise what turned out to be only the first of his brides on her wedding day. Getting Corden to back your bid for victory is bound to catch Barlow's attention.

Get your adorable child involved

You can't say no to this face, can you?

Tap into his interests

G-dog loves a bit of dancing. You must have seen the moves from the Take That trio for new single These Days? So an invite to get jiggy on the dance floor with some keen dancers may very well spark interest.

Make a meme

Fake a depressed post-wedding card to stop Gary Barlow ruining your day forever by not turning up. Forever Gary, forever...

Get a Barlow calendar

Countdown the days to your wedding AND keep track of your daily antics trying to tempt him to celebrate with you, with this swish Barlow calendar.

Grab a cardboard cut out

Invest in a cardboard Gary and take him everywhere. Dress fittings. Menu tasting. Florists... tweet the singer pictures and prove your day won't be the same without the crooner's presence.

Enlist the help of a dedicated friend


The original 'getgary2louswedding' campaign saw best friend of the bride Emily Alcorn tweet Gary every day for a whole year asking him to turn up. When he messaged her to arrange it, she thought it was for a restraining order, but Mr Barlow was more than on board, walking onto the dance floor singing the bride's favourite track, A Million Love Songs. Find a friend like this, sharpish.


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