So, the public has chosen, and now we have the UK's entry for Eurovision 2016. God speed Joe and Jake.

The public voted for the double act in Friday night's BBC4 show Eurovision: You Decide – so this year, whatever happens, it's all on us, OK?

The act weren't the hot favourites before the night, but clearly struck a chord with at least some of the voting public. So, amazingly positive response on Twitter right?

Uhh, not exactly.

1. Some people were definitely excited.

2. However, others thought we'd made a terrible, terrible mistake.

3. With great power comes great responsibility after all...

4. Some couldn't help pointing out that this isn't the first time we've had a chance to vote for these boys.

5. Seems it wasn't just viewers at home. Check out the distraught lad in the front row shaking his head.

6. But don't be ridiculous. If we're to stand any chance, we've all got to get behind our act, right?

7. Feel the love Joe and Jake!

8. Don't listen to the Gogglebox vicar!

Well that's that then #nullpoints #EurovisionYouDecide

— Kate Bottley (@revkatebottley) February 26, 2016

9. Because you have the backing of Michael freakin' Ball!

What did you think of Joe and Jake? Watch their performance again and have your say below.