8 reasons Sinitta would actually be a great X Factor judge

Emma Daly has decided 2015 should be the year of Sinitta...

Sinitta, 80s pop star and long-standing sidekick of Simon Cowell, has revealed that every year she petitions the music mogul for a full-time judging spot on The X Factor. 


“Every year I plead with Simon to make me a judge – I send him flowers, photos of me dressed up as a judge, voicemails of me singing about why I should have the job – the works,” Sinitta told Closer. “I think he’s scared to have me as competition.”

Sinitta’s long been a fixture of the show – always by Mr Cowell’s side as a guest judge during the Judges’ Houses. (The best gig if you ask me: sun, sea, holiday…)


While she doesn’t seem to think there’ll be any changes to the panel this year, perhaps it should be her turn. In the past I’ve moaned that changes on the X Factor often mean someone from within the show’s own pool of talent simply shifting to a different position – Olly and Caroline, the return of Cheryl, Mel B moving from the Australian panel – but actually, there’s plenty to be said for Sinitta making the main panel. Firstly the outfits