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14 things you might have forgotten about Robot Wars

Sparks are set to fly with the return of the BBC battlefest - and here's why it was a show that could never be defeated (until they cancelled it)

Published: Wednesday, 13th January 2016 at 1:35 pm



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Whether he was wearing a leather fringe jacket or some sort of rally driver outfit, the master of ceremonies always maintained a strange kind of languid intensity in his delivery. ACTIVATE!!!


Yep, he just loves watching things blow up in his face, so it's no surprise the former Top Gear host was MC for the first series.


To quote commentator Jonathan Pearce, the leader of the house robots was "Our master of disaster! 200 kilos of gloom and doom, the lance to chew, the hyraulic claw to cut through – the nip and tuck, and you're out of luck!"

(To be fair, Pearce was pretty good himself*)


Whether it was the flamethrowing Sergeant Bash, the battered Death Metal (above) or the “self-controlled” Matilda, the house robots were always deadly to newcomers.


Just reading them back is a roll-call of honour: Robot the Bruce, Roadblock, Panic Attack, Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc (above), Firestorm, Stinger, Pussycat, Razer, Tornado, Storm 2 and so many more.


Remember the extremely flammable Diotoir? Good times.


While you might have rooted for the chancers who put buzzsaws and flamethrowers on their robots, you always knew the simple flipping action of Firestorm or Chaos 2 would triumph in the end, putting their opponents on their backs like so many helpless tortoises.

The football commentator could make a tea party sound exciting with his frenzied delivery. But Robot Wars was no tea party.


As the pit reporter for the show, she helped us believe we too understood exactly how these mighty machines were built when she interviewed their brainy creators (and made them all flustered because a girl was talking to them).


There were flippers, fire and even an area (the Pit of Oblivion) which would BLOW ROBOTS UP! Take that, so-called 'real' sports.


Where can we buy one of those?

Well, at least in this episode of Spaced anyway…

Craig Charles ended each episode with a beautiful little poem, but for some reason they were never collected in a beautiful leather-bound volume.

For example:

If you need a potion that hair restores, you’re too old, for Robot Wars!


Robot Wars is unforgettable, and we’re SO happy it’s coming back. Roboteers, stand by…


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