11 tweets that perfectly sum up Piers Morgan’s return to Good Morning Britain

Ratings winner or waking nightmare? Let Twitter decide

Piers Morgan made a noisy return to ITV’s Good Morning Britain this Monday, and absolutely no one wanted to talk about it online. Nope, not one.


OK, there were a couple of messages, which made Morgan very happy indeed.

So, how did he actually get on during his first stint as a permanent GMB presenter? Over to you, Twitter.

1. Is Susanna Reid enjoying this? We can’t quite tell…

2. Pretty sure Piers would enjoy being called ‘The Beast’

3. An ITV ratings winner?

4. Don’t jump to conclusions

5. Meanwhile, the Lineker-Morgan feud continues…

6. But wait! Piers has won another football fan.

7. X Factor’s Mason Noise thinks he’s met his match

8. From one ‘much-loved’ broadcaster to another…

9. Wonder what Rick Edwards was hoping for?

10. Sorry, reckon he’s here to stay.

11. Sticks and stones will break his bones, but tweets will never harm him

After the show, Morgan even had a little message for his Twitter ‘fans’, in which he compared himself to Oprah Winfrey and told viewers to watch their “tone”. 


You’ve been warned.