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You're going to have to wait a bit longer than you thought for Game of Thrones series 7

Winter has arrived and it's going to cause quite the delay

Published: Thursday, 7th July 2016 at 7:45 am

Remember that feeling of anticipation and "OHMYGOD GIVE ME SERIES 7 NOW" you felt when Daenerys Targaryen sailed with her fleet towards Westeros in the finale of Game of Thrones series 6?


Remember the "OHMYGOD BRAN YOU GOTTA TELL JON SNOW" excitement you felt after THAT Tower of Joy scene?

Well, you're going to have to hold on to it for a long, long, long time, because the next series of Game of Thrones won't arrive as early as usual. And it's all winter's fault.

“We don’t have an airdate yet, but this year it’ll probably be a bit later, ’cause we’re starting a bit later because at the end of this season, ‘winter is here,’ and that means that sunny weather doesn’t really serve our purposes anymore. So we kind of pushed everything down the line, so we could get some grim, grey weather even in the sunnier places that we shoot”, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss told the UFC Unfiltered podcast when asked if the show would return next April.

So we'll just have to sit tight.

But hey, at least now fans of the show can understand how fans of the books feel. This is what it's like to have NO idea when you're actually going to find out what happens next.

Speaking of which, there isn't as much story left according to the big bosses. “I think we’re down to our final 13 episodes after this season. We’re heading into the final lap,” Benioff told Variety before series 6 had even aired.

And after the series finale, the duo pretty much confirmed Thrones was coming to an end after two more series.

"[We want to] get out at a high point," Weiss told Deadline, "and not have it be, 'well thank god that’s over'."

"From pretty close to the beginning, we talked about doing this in 70-75 hours," continued Benioff, "and that’s what we’ll end up with. Call it 73 for now. We’re trying to tell one cohesive story with a beginning, middle and end.


"We’ve known the end for quite some time and we’re hurtling towards it. Those last images from the show that aired [on Monday] night showed that. Daenerys is finally coming back to Westeros; Jon Snow is king of the North and Cersei is sitting on the Iron Throne. And we know the Night King is up there, waiting for all of them. The pieces are on the board now. Some of the pieces have been removed from the board and we are heading toward the end game."


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