You should really watch Line of Duty tonight

If you do one thing this evening, make sure you tune into BBC2's cop drama at 9pm. You won't regret it...

Here at Radio Times it’s our job to recommend you good telly. We hope you take our advice some of the time – but even if you ignore us 364 days of the year, tonight’s the night to clear your schedule, grab yourself a stress ball and sit down to watch episode five of Line of Duty. 


Trust us, it’s awesome. Awesome in an action-packed sort of way so you’re going to want to watch it live – or if you can’t, give social media a wide berth until you’ve caught up. If you won’t listen to us, at least heed a warning from Martin Compston. 

We’re not going to tell you what happens. We’re not even going to give you the smallest hint. But suffice to say, tonight’s instalment is an absolute scorcher that will leave you thinking (OK, staring at your telly with your mouth hanging open) for hours afterwards. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Line of Duty is on tonight at 9pm on BBC2