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Did Love kill her husband in You season 2?

The big question we were left pondering after season two of the serial killer drama **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

You season 2 - Love (Victoria Pedretti)
Beth Dubber/Netflix
Published: Wednesday, 15th January 2020 at 1:06 pm

By Jo Berry


The second season of serial killer drama You ended with a shocking twist – it turned out that Joe (Penn Badgley) wasn’t the only serial killer stalking the aisles of trendy LA foodstore Anavrin.

Yes, devoted girlfriend Love (Victoria Pedretti) was just as skilled at dispatching people who got in the way as Joe. By season’s end, brother Forty’s au pair, Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace and investigative reporter Delilah had all met their maker thanks to chef Love’s dexterity with a knife.

Love proved to be a pretty decent liar, too, having convinced everyone for years – including Forty – that he had killed the au pair and blacked out. Which makes you wonder, what else has Love lied about? And is it possible she has killed other people we don’t know about yet?

Love revealed to Joe in the first episode that she had been married, but her husband James had died of an illness two years before. Or did he?

In an episode six flashback, we see that Love had wanted to start a family, but when she pestered him about it, James revealed he had a stomach problem he’d been keeping secret for eight weeks. And it wasn’t the type that’s cured with a few spoonfuls of Pepto Bismol.

Love is never specific about what exactly was wrong with dearly departed James – she tells Joe he "got sick", which is vague to say the least. Could that be because she poisoned the poor fellow when she realised he wasn’t in a rush to have a baby with her?

While her preferred method of murder is throat-slashing (messy, but effective), Love is a baker and chef by trade, so could have easily whipped up cakes laced with arsenic, or, if she was inspired by the movie Phantom Thread, an omelette filled with poisonous mushrooms. Yummy.

You season 2 - Victoria Pedretti, Penn Badgley
You season 2 - Victoria Pedretti, Penn Badgley Beth Dubber/Netflix

It’s worth noting that when she is pursuing a relationship with Joe, Love leaves a freshly baked treat for him in his locker every day. Maybe she did the same for James, but his had an extra special added ingredient?

It certainly looks likely that Love did kill James. And don’t forget that when she keeps Joe hostage in his own cage, Love brings him muffins she has baked and he hesitates, not taking a bite until she has first sampled one. If he’s wary of her buns, maybe we all should be.


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