Who killed Delilah in You season 2? Real reason behind her death

Was it Joe? And if not... who? **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

You - season 2 - Delilah

By Jo Berry


From the moment serial killer Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) popped up in LA at the beginning of season two of You, it was only a matter of time before corpses started littering the city.

While Joe didn’t kill Will, whose identity he stole, he did feed psycho Jasper into a mincing machine (and if that didn’t make you want to go vegan, nothing will) and pushed perverted comedian Henderson down the stairs to his death.

But did Joe kill investigative journalist and apartment manager Delilah (Carmela Zumbado), who ends up in a pool of her own blood inside Joe’s glass cage?

And if he didn’t kill her, who did?

Who killed Delilah in You season 2?

Music history fans will have guessed Delilah was doomed from the start – the famous Tom Jones song of the same name tells the story of a man who murders the woman he loves and sings “I felt the knife in my hand and she laughed no more” as he waits for the police to come and take him away. Yep, poor Delilah didn’t stand a chance.

Early episodes gave us hope she might make it to the final credits, however. Living in Delilah’s apartment building, Joe formed an almost fatherly relationship with her sister, Ellie (Jenna Ortega), and was protective of Delilah after he heard her #MeToo story about sleazy celebrity Henderson (yes, so protective that he killed the guy). Oh, and Joe threw up on her and she still had sex with him in an alleyway a few hours later. You can’t murder her after that.

So how on earth does Delilah end up in Joe’s storage unit with her throat slashed?

We hate to say it, but Delilah’s own stupidity is partly to blame. Tipped off by cop Fincher that Joe may not be all he appears to be, she ransacks his apartment and discovers the key to Joe’s unit at Lock Of Fame Storage. Instead of telling Fincher, or anyone, what she’s doing, she heads off to the unit, unlocks it and discovers Joe’s creepy glass cage.

She takes photos but does she send them to anyone? No, she bloody well does not. Does she take a weapon with her, in case her suspicious tenant shows up? No, she bloody doesn’t. And of course, Joe does show up and locks her inside.

His intention is to skip town before he is revealed as a not-so-nice-guy to girlfriend Love (Victoria Pedretti), so he handcuffs Delilah to the table with time-release handcuffs set to 16 hours – allowing him time to tie up loose ends and catch a flight to Mexico. See, Joe isn’t all bad – he genuinely intends for Delilah to go free so she can be with her sister.

(Quick sidebar here – he lets her eat a meal and then handcuffs her to the table… but what if she needs the toilet? It’s 16 hours until she’ll be set free and we’re very worried he didn’t move the bucket close to her).

You - season 2 - Delilah
You – season 2 – Delilah
Beth Dubber/Netflix

However, when Joe goes to check on Delilah 16 hours later, he finds her dead body instead.

Unfortunately, even Joe isn’t sure whether he’s killed her or not. An encounter the previous day with Love’s annoying brother Forty led to a very trippy night after Forty spiked Joe’s drink with LSD, and he has a few missing hours where he remembers nothing.

The first suspect (who isn’t Joe himself) is the only person who knew about Joe’s glass cage – Will, who was once imprisoned in it himself. Joe phones him and discovers he is in Manila, so that rules him out.

When Joe finally tracks down Forty to fill in the blanks, Forty confesses he went to meet Candace (aka Joe’s ex-girlfriend, who he tried to bury alive) and left Joe on a street corner. Yes, you guessed it, the corner directly by Lock Of Fame Storage.

Joe goes back to the storage unit (and poor, dead Delilah) and in walks Candace, who sprays mace in Joe’s face. Excuse us, but he once tried to kill her, she thinks he killed Beck in New York and all she brings is a can of mace? Does no one in this show think to bring a gun when meeting a serial killer?

Luckily, Candace does stun him and trap him in his own cage, and then calls Love so she can see just what her boyfriend is really like. Realising Candace didn’t kill Delilah either, Joe accepts it must have been him and confesses to Love when she arrives.

She runs to the hallways and pukes, and Candace follows to comfort her. Love turns around – and slashes a very surprised Candace’s throat. Love then goes back to Joe, confesses what she has done – and also admits is was her who killed Delilah. Her reason? She wanted no one to come between her, Joe and their baby that she reveals she is carrying.

Wow, what a family they are going to make.

Could Love have killed anyone else?

Love’s confession that she slashed Delilah’s throat isn’t her only revelation to stunned Joe. She admits that she killed the family au pair when she was a teenager, letting brother Forty take the blame after the au pair seduced him (the family hushed the whole thing up as it seems they have control of the LA police department).

It appears that throat-cutting is Love’s preferred method of murder, but we’re now starting to wonder whether her first husband James really did die of an illness as everyone believes. Maybe his true fate will be revealed in You season three


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