You know you’re addicted to Sherlock when…

Welcome to the world of being #Sherlocked

The game is on – again. Yes, the BBC has confirmed that Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and co will return for a one-off special of Sherlock followed by a new three-part series, with filming set to begin in January 2015.


Sherlock was last on screens at the beginning of the year and fans have been waiting for confirmation. Face it, you know you’re addicted to Sherlock when…

You set a reminder in your calendar for the BBC’s #221back announcement yesterday

And then watched the BBC Twitter feed like this

Studying images from the fall felt like a part-time job

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And any new theories felt like this

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Waiting for new episodes…

You’ve talked about going into your mind palace in normal conversation

You’ve watched your Sherlock DVDs so many times…

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But it’s OK…

You can’t help but smile when you see this picture

You know exactly what’s going on here, what’s going to happen next, and where you were when you first watched it

And of course, tears. Every time.

Getting to #setlock at the right time means one thing

You love the things the internet comes up with

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But really, nothing beats the real thing…