You can own Moriarty’s suit from Sherlock

The threads worn by Andrew Scott in The Reichenbach Fall are for sale to raise money for LGBT charity Switchboard

Want to look criminally fashionable this summer? Bid to own the actual suit worn by Moriarty in Sherlock’s The Reichenbach Fall.


Andrew Scott’s devilishly trailored grey suit worn during Moriarty’s trial scene in BBC’s Sherlock has been put up for auction to raise money for LGBT charity Switchboard.

Currently yours for just a snip at £576, expect the bids to hike up as the auction counts down to the closing date on 30th June.

The suit has been donated by Scott himself, and comes with a letter of provenance – just in case you’re ever asked to prove your ultimate Sherlock cosplay credentials.

Sherlock creator Mark Gatiss has been encouraging fans to get bidding… or else.

The limited edition suit was made by Reiss, and was worn during the trial scene at The Old Bailey during the series two finale.

It’s not the only Sherlock suit to have been given for a good cause. Benedict Cumberbatch donated one of his own suits in 2014 to raise money for education charity Anno’s Africa, made by Spencer Hart the same tailors who make the detective look great in the BBC drama.


One thing this auction does prove: if Moriarty does return in the upcoming one-off special, he’s going to need a new set of duds.