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Witless - meet the cast

Everything you need to know about the new BBC3 show

Published: Friday, 22nd April 2016 at 2:20 pm

Imagine having to live a whole new life? This is the case for Leanne and Rhona in BBC3’s new comedy series Witless. The series follows their lives in witness protection and trying to escape the clutches of two teenage gang members determined to track them down. Find out all about the show’s cast and characters below.


Leanne – Kerry Howard

Leanne holds a BTEC in Drama, so is jumping at a chance to put her skills to use in her new existence.

Kerry Howard will be a familiar face to viewers of Him and Her, where she starred as Laura. She’s had a cameo role in the 2013 film I Give It A Year, beside Rose Byrne and Anna Faris. She also narrated an episode of Comedy Central’s Drunk History, and appeared on BBC’s Gert Lush Christmas alongside her older brother Russell.

Rhona – Zoe Boyle

Rhona works in the public sector and manages a small team of employees, so she’s certain her people skills can help her find a compromise with the gang so she can return to her life.

Zoe Boyle has previously appeared as Lavinia Swire, Matthew Crawley’s fiancée, in Downton Abbey’s second season. She’s also had a role in The Astronaut’s Wives’ Club, ITV’s Breathless and Sons of Anarchy.

Patrick – Samuel Anderson

Patrick is the first person Leanne and Rhona meet in their new guises. He invites them to a house party that evening, which ultimately ends in disaster.

Samuel Anderson has a pretty impressive CV already. He’s been in Gavin and Stacey as Gavin’s friend Fingers, in Emmerdale as Ross Kirk, he appeared as Kirk in Casualty and was also Danny in Doctor Who. He also currently stars as Danny in Trollied on Sky One.

Sergeant Forrest – John Hodgkinson

Sergeant Forrest is in charge of the girl’s case, but he doesn’t seem to have it all worked out with what exactly to do with them.

John Hodgkinson is best known as the Isolation Guard in Skyfall, as well as appearing as the Vicar in two episodes of My Family. He’s also been in Peep Show as Tony, and has had a stint in Emmerdale.

Benny – Nick Preston

Benny has hired two of his young aides to find Leanne and Rhona after they move address – all for the price of a Milky Moo.

Nick has been in season two of My Mad Fat Diary as Simmy, and has also had parts in This is England 90 and Our Girl.

DJ Sound as F**k – Nicholas Fruin

DJ is a more experienced hit man than his fellow accomplice – and he’s been hired to find the girls after their placement in witness protection.

This is Nicholas’ first major role. He graduated from Arts University Bournemouth in 2013, and had several theatre roles after this. He’s also done some voiceover work with Macmillan Cancer.

Appraisal – Tom Cawte

Appraisal is new to the hit man scene, and his first job has left him clearly shaken. However, he’s determined to show his worth to his friends and bosses.

This is Tom’s first major role. He’s also got two more projects lined up for this year, London Fields with Lily Cole and Billy Bob Thornton, and Duets.


Witless begins on BBC3 on Friday 22nd April


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