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Wild Bill viewers complain of Yorkshire accents in Lincolnshire-based show

Rob Lowe stars in the ITV crime drama as a Miami cop who relocates to Boston, Lincolnshire

Rob Lowe plays Bill Hixon in Wild Bill
Published: Thursday, 13th June 2019 at 11:12 am

Viewers had a bone to pick with ITV drama Wild Bill on Wednesday night — and no, it wasn't the unlikely sight of Hollywood actor Rob Lowe in Boston, Lincolnshire.


The new six-part series follows Bill Hixon (Lowe), a senior police officer who swaps Miami for the UK. "Landing in Boston, Lincolnshire with teenage daughter Kelsey, he's hoping they can flee their recent painful past," says the official synopsis.

However, for some, the apparent incongruity of seeing the former Brat Pack star pottering about Boston was nothing in comparison to the jarring sound of Yorkshire accents in a Lincolnshire-set show...

"Why has everyone in Boston Lincs either got an Barnsley or a West Yorkshire accent? Is that the immigration they keep referring to?," one viewer posted.

"For some reason, every police person working in Lincolnshire has a broad Yorkshire accent. ?," another said on Twitter.

"Disappointing @ITV that you seem to think people of Lincolnshire have a Yorkshire accent!! Oh dear ," one fan wrote.

However, it seems that once they got used to the accents, some viewers quite enjoyed the comedy drama...


Wild Bill airs Wednesdays at 9pm on ITV


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