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Why is Shetland not on TV tonight?

Fans tuning in for the latest episode of the Scottish detective drama will be left disappointed

Published: Tuesday, 27th February 2018 at 4:40 pm

BBC crime drama Shetland starring Douglas Henshall won't air in its usual Tuesday 9pm slot tonight.


Instead, BBC1 is broadcasting the FA Cup fifth round football replay between Swansea City and Sheffield Wednesday. The two teams drew 0-0 when they played at Hillsborough last Saturday.

As the match and commentary are due to run until 10pm, the football has bumped both Holby City and Shetland from the schedules.

You can watch the last episode of Shetland on BBC iPlayer.

When will Shetland be back on TV?

Tomorrow night. The fourth series of the detective drama continues 9pm Wednesday 28th February on BBC1.

What can I expect from the next episode?

Radio Times TV editor Alison Graham says: Shetland tiptoes quietly into proper Nordic noir territory when detective Tosh takes a trip to Bergen in Norway as part of the investigation into the murder of a journalist.

The Big Bad Energy Company cover-up of an accident on an oil rig is uppermost in Tosh’s mind, as there are rumours that the victim was about to write an exposé. But the inquiry takes off in a wholly unexpected direction when Tosh, and her charming Norwegian detective minder/colleague, dig a little deeper. The change of scenery doesn’t necessarily do everyone any good, even though Tosh’s trip involves a visit to a delightful cabin by a woodland lake. And not everyone is pleased to see her.


Back on Shetland, Tommy Malone, restless former prisoner and a man jailed for a crime he didn’t commit, is sending ripples of fury and trembling disquiet through the community.


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