Who Killed Sara? season 3 release date: Cast, trailer and latest news on Netflix series

Everything you need to know about the mysterious Netflix thriller - and its return for a third season.

Who Killed Sara

If you stayed glued to your screen right the way through the credits of the last episode of season two of Who Killed Sara you were greeted with the exciting news that a season three was on the way.


The Mexico-set thriller, Who Killed Sara follows a man wrongfully convicted of murdering his sister and is the latest in a series of Spanish language shows that have been hits for Netflix after Money Heist and El Chapo.

The second season ended on a dramatic cliffhanger as main character Alex was still without a definitive answer over who killed his sibling in this show that mixes tension, revenge and eroticism.

With an army of fans making the show the most popular non-English language series on the streamer, the third season of the increasingly dark, incredibly twisty mystery is going to be one of the most highly anticipated premieres when it returns to Netflix in the near future.

Here’s everything we know about a third season so far.

Who Killed Sara? season 3 release date

Named ¿Quién mató a Sara? in its original Spanish language, Who Killed Sara? is officially returning for a third season – as confirmed in a caption at the close of the second.  “It’s Official: Another Season is Coming.”

The first two seasons both launched in 2021 – in March and May, respectively. With a third season confirmed, it’s feasible that filming could get underway later this year for a spring 2022 release.

Who Killed Sara cast

Ximena Lamadrid as Sara in Who Killed Sara? season 2

Álex is played by Manolo Cardona, while Sara, seen in flashback scenes, is played by Ximena Lamadrid.

Alejandro Nones plays Rodolfo Lazcano, son to the Lazcano legacy as well as being the former boyfriend of Sara.

Ginés García Millán and Claudia Ramírez play César and Mariana Lazcano, the parents of the family, while Carolina Miranda features as Elisa Lazcano, their daughter, who begins a relationship with Álex as the series progresses.

Eugenio Siller plays middle son José María Lazcano, who has an estranged relationship with his family since coming out as gay.

Marifer, Sara’s best friend, is played by singer Litzy, while Rodolfo’s friend Nicandro is played by Matías Novoa.

Who Killed Sara season 3 trailer

There’s no trailer for Who Killed Sara season 3 yet. But as soon as there’s a clip, we’ll have it available on this page.

Who Killed Sara plot

Who Killed Sara?

At its core, the show is a mystery, with Álex trying to figure out who’s responsible for his sister’s death – after being framed for the crime, and spending 18 years in prison for it, he not only wants to clear his name but exact revenge on the real culprit.

The deeper his search goes, however, the more involved he finds himself with the underbelly of the very rich, very powerful Lazcano family.

Throughout the series, the audience discovers more about how the family relates to Sara and her death – but with the end of season two, a bombshell revelation has had many fans rewriting their theories…


Sara’s best friend, Marifer, has admitted to killing her. But despite her confession, the viewers learn that she’s not actually responsible – she only thinks she is.

The scene also reveals that Sara was the first patient in what appears to be some kind of psychological study, with Rodolfo’s friend Nicandro speaking to the doctor and saying, “Nobody can know that it was really us.”

So, it seems Nicandro has a lot more to do with Sara’s death than anyone imagined – a perfect place for season three to pick up from.

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