Prime Suspect 1973 introduces viewers to a young Jane Tennison, a probationary police officer who is a world away from the hardened DI that Helen Mirren brought to ITV in the 1990s.


Actress Stefani Martini steps into Mirren's shoes for the Prime Suspect prequel, but what do we know about the 26-year-old actress?

Who is Stefanie Martini?

West Country native Stefanie Martini is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. Martini initially pursed a career in art and illustration before applying to Rada, and was in her final year of study there when she landed her very first role.

Where have I seen Stefanie Martini before?

Fans of Doctor Thorne will recognise Martini as the titular doctor's niece, Mary Thorne, from Julian Fellowes’ cheerful Downton Abbey follow-up. She starred opposite Tom Hollander, Rebecca Front and Ian McShane in the ITV drama in 2016.

She also took one of the leading roles in NBC fantasy series Emerald City, based on Frank L Baum’s Wizard of Oz. Martini plays the mysterious Lady Ev, who sports quite the mask. You can catch the series on 5Star in the UK.

And if you watched Endeavour very closely you might have spotted her in her very first role on the ITV Morse prequel.

Funnily enough, Shaun Evans – who plays the young Endeavour Morse – was one of the first to congratulate Martini when she landed her Prime Suspect role.

Who does Stefanie Martini play in Prime Suspect 1973?

As mentioned, Martini is the young Jane Tennison, a probationary police officer with much to learn about the workings of the force.

Martini tells Radio Times that while Helen Mirren’s been a great inspiration, she really doesn’t want to offer up an impression of the original Jane.

“When I got the part I watched four series in the two weeks before filming – and then I thought, ‘Turn it off! Let it go!’

“I know where Jane Tennison ends up, but I’m not playing that Jane Tennison. The one I’m playing has no idea where she’s going to end up, so if I copy Helen Mirren’s performance, it just won’t work.”


What’s Stefanie Martini up to next?

She’s teaming up with Julian Fellowes once more for Crooked House, an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel featuring Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson, Christina Hendricks, Amanda Abbington and Max Irons.

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