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White House Farm: Who lives there now and who owns it?

The Essex farmhouse, which served as the location for harrowing series of murders in the summer of 1985, has found infamy once again thanks to the six part ITV drama.

White House Farm
Published: Wednesday, 12th February 2020 at 8:42 pm

The ITV drama White House Farm has sparked renewed interest in the status of its eponymous household and has raised questions on its status.


After the murders of Neville and June Bamber, their adoptive daughter Sheila Caffell and her two six year old sons Nicholas and Daniel in the early hours of 7th August 1985, just what happened to the building in which the act took place under its roof?

Here's everything you need to know about the real White House Farm.


Where is White House Farm?

The infamous White House Farm is located nearby Tolleshunt D'Arcy, a small village in Essex located 12 miles southwest of Colchester and was the home of both Neville and June Bamber as well as their adopted children Sheila Caffell and Jeremy Bamber (who are portrayed respectively in the drama by Cressida Bonas and Freddie Fox).

At the time of the murders, Jeremy lived in a rent free house located three and a half miles away from White House Farm in the village of Goldhanger and additionally owned eight percent of his family's Maldon caravan site, Osea Road Camp Sites Ltd.

Essex Live reported that, in the wake of the murders in 1985 "the whole village was shaken" by both the severity and horror of the crime in addition to the media storm that followed suit. It was also reported that thanks to the renewed interest in the incident due to the recent premiere of the drama earlier this month, "There remains a mood of frustration, despair and protectiveness in the village with very mixed feelings about its revival in the new series."

Was White House Farm demolished?

The farm was never demolished following on from the harrowing events but was rather turned into the home of Eastcoast Classics, a classic car rental company who, as HITC revealed, "have a collection of iconic and classic vehicles to rent for events such as weddings or even family holidays."

Who lives in White House Farm now?

Whilst the address of White House Farm is inhabited by Eastcoast Classics, there have also been reports that Jeremy Bamber's cousin, Ann Eaton, now lives at the farm, having moved in following the 1985 murders.

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Notably, Jeremy expressed his disgust at Eaton and her decision to live at the farm, calling her "odd and morbid to want to live at a crime scene." According to the Mirror, Bamber penned a letter in which he explained “Ann, my mum’s niece, lives in this rented property". The Metro also reported "Ann moved into the farm with her family shortly after Jeremy’s conviction. She has stayed out of the public eye and declined to give interviews."

Ann is best known for testifying against Jeremy during his trial, with Gemma Whelan, who portrays Ann in the drama series, telling Bradford Zone: "She was pivotal in alerting the police to the way he behaved after the murders... She knew there was no way Sheila could have done it. Ann made people look again at the case.”

Ann still lives in Tolleshunt D'Arcy to this day, however she stays firmly out of the public eye.


White House Farm continues on ITV at 9pm on Wednesdays


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