Jessica Jones was once a normal superhero (if there is such a thing), but now she's opened up her own detective agency. Exploring dark themes including sexual assault, PTSD, and murder, the series has been highly praised by critics and won an Emmy in 2016.


Where to watch Jessica Jones?

Jessica Jones is available to watch on Netflix at the moment, but you can watch Jessica Jones on Amazon Prime Video, buy the digital box set on Sky. The DVD box set is also available, or you can buy episodes on iTunes.

What is Jessica Jones about?

Created for Marvel by Melissa Rosenberg, Jessica Jones is a made-for-Netflix series based on the comic by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Rosenberg has praised Netflix for allowing greater creative freedom than other networks, reports Collider.

Kristen Ritter also told Collider that Jessica Jones is "one of the coolest characters in the Marvel universe", and it was tough competition for her to get the role. She eventually bagged the part because producers felt that she had the best chemistry with co-star Mike Colter, who played Luke Cage.

The show maintains most key features of the character and story from the comic. However, speaking to Deadline, Rosenberg maintains that "dealing with issues" was not the point of the show, although she does feel passionately about the pressures surrounding women in power. Rather, she felt these topics emerged naturally from the 'inner workings' of the characters.

How many seasons of Jessica Jones are there?

Krysten Ritter in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Jessica Jones has three seasons, and no more are expected to be made in the near future – although the idea of Disney re-vamping the show for its new streaming service Disney+ does seem possible.

How many episodes are there in each season of Jessica Jones?

Each season has 13 episodes, making 39 episodes in total.

Has Jessica Jones been cancelled?

The show hasn't had an easy ride so far. The series finally premiered on Netflix in late 2015, but creator Rosenberg had been working on it for over five years by then, as in 2010 it was rejected by ABC.

Finally in February 2019, after three seasons, Jessica Jones was cancelled by Netflix. It doesn't seem that this was personal though, as the streaming platform cancelled all Marvel productions due to a combination of ownership disagreements with Disney, and Disney's plans to attract customers to its new streaming service Disney+.

However, it is possible that Jessica Jones could return for a forth series on Disney+.

Who's in the cast of Jessica Jones?

Krysten Ritter and David Tennant in Marvel's Jessica Jones (Netflix, HF)

Krysten Ritter starred as Jessica Jones. Ritter previously played Jane in Breaking Bad and Chloe in Don't Trust the B**** in Apartment 23.

The series also featured beloved British star David Tennant in the role of Kilgrave, and Mike Colter as Luke Cage. Colter's character has his own TV series that's also made by Netflix.

Carrie-Ann Moss plays Jeri Hogarth, a character that was originally male. She reprises this role in numerous other Marvel Cinematic Universe productions. Similarly, Rachel Taylor's character, Patricia 'Trish' Walker, features in other Marvel series and films.

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Other cast members include Eka Darville, Erin Moriarty, Wil Traval, J.R. Ramierz, Terry Chen, Leah Gibson, and Janet McTeer.

What powers does Jessica Jones have?

Because of an incident in her past, Jessica has superhuman strength, durability and the ability to jump really, really high. More about Jessica's true powers and how she got them are revealed as the series goes on.

How does Jessica Jones fit in the Marvel universe?

Jessica Jones features numerous Marvel cinematic universe characters that feature in other productions including Jeri Hogarth, who also featured in Iron Fist, Luke Cage who has his own show, and Claire Temple, who featured in Daredevil.

What other Netflix Marvel shows are there?

Although Netflix will no longer be working with Marvel, their union did produce a number of successful shows. Marvel's The Defenders was the first to go in 2017, and then in 2018, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist were also cancelled. Jessica Jones and The Punisher are the last survivors on the streaming service, and both are due to end in 2019.


Where was Jessica Jones filmed?

Jessica Jones was mostly filmed in New York City, including in Brooklyn and Long Island City.