Victoria's second series may be coming to an end with an explosive finale, but now it's time to start counting down the days until Victoria's Christmas special.


We must say we're excited to see the Queen and Prince Albert celebrating the festive season...

What will happen in the Victoria Christmas special?

Creator Daisy Goodwin revealed she was writing a special episode for Christmas 2017 over a year ago. Speaking at the Radio Times Television Festival, she said: "I know it’s going to be utterly brilliant and there’ll be a lot of snow in it."

One thing we'll definitely see is Tom Hughes' Prince Albert getting into the Christmas spirit – perhaps a bit too much.

“All his children had individual Christmas trees,” Goodwin told, “so he was the original ‘Christmas-zilla’, I think is the word!”

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Albert was instrumental in bringing Christmas traditions to Britain from his native Germany, including the Christmas tree. He and Victoria would decorate their tree themselves, lighting candles and hanging gingerbread on its branches – and their subjects soon followed in their festive footsteps.

Winters in the 1840s and 50s were particularly cold, and Albert and the children would go skating. Victoria preferred sleigh rides. It looks like we'll be seeing some sleighs when Victoria and her family return to our screens, as well as Christmas trees, music and dancing (for the servants as well as the royals).

Has Victoria series three been confirmed?

Not yet.

But if we do see another series, there are exciting times ahead for Queen Victoria and her country.

With Peel stepping down in 1846, we'll heading into the Prime Ministership of Whig leader Lord John Russell.

Europe will be thrown into turmoil by the revolutions of 1848, French king Louis Philippe will be deposed, and there will be a revolutionary scare in the United Kingdom – so serious that Victoria and her family leave London for the greater safety of their private estate on the Isle of Wight.

It's also likely that we'd see Victoria making her first visit to Ireland in 1849 in an attempt to quell rising Irish nationalism.


Victoria returns later this year with the 2017 Christmas special on ITV