When is Ripper Street series 5 released on Amazon?

Check out the air date for the fifth and final series of the period thriller


When is Ripper Street series 5 released on Amazon Prime?

The fifth and final series will begin on Wednesday 12th October in the UK. The series, Amazon say, will “make up one single story. Our heroes become fugitives, forced to operate outside the law as they pursue the most insidious enemy they have encountered yet.”


Will Ripper Street air weekly?

No, unlike many other Amazon series, the final episodes will be released all at once on the 12th.

Will this really be the last series?

Yes, the series which began on the BBC before being axed before being revived by Amazon Prime will definitely end after this run. That’s not to say it’s been cancelled a second time: creator Richard Warlow told RadioTimes.com that he wanted to end the drama on his own terms.

“No further cancellation, as some folk have only too gleeful to report: we – the writers, producers and cast – all decided that this would be it. H Division would not be stepping into the year 1900; not on our beat,” he wrote.

“And this time Edmund Reid, Bennet Drake, Long Susan Hart and Homer Jackson would really get what was coming to them.”

Will Ripper Street also air on the BBC?

Yes, the series is expected to finish on BBC2 next year.

What do we know about the final series?

The most intriguing thing is we can expect to see the return of Detective Inspector Jedediah Shine, Inspector Reid’s deadly foe played by Joseph Mawle.


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