What you thought of the Happy Valley series 2 finale

Catherine's future with Ryan looks uncertain – but no one is in any doubt that Sally Wainwright's drama is one of the best shows of the year


We can hardly believe it’s over. After some shocking twists and turns, the second series of Happy Valley ended last night with Catherine Cawood looking at her grandson Ryan as he played on the hills of the Calder Valley.


From the barrage of wonderful comments RadioTimes.com received on Facebook and Twitter after that Happy Valley finale, it’s clear you were thrilled by the episode – and that you had some strong opinions on whether Catherine was filled with fear or hope in that last scene.

Many of you felt that Catherine was scared rather than hopeful

There was fear in her eyes but also a fierce love for her grandson…


But Tommy Lee Royce was very much on her mind as she looked at Ryan…


 Some of you had other explanations…


And you were all quivering wrecks by the end…


Fans loved it…