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What did you make of that final Happy Valley scene?

Was Catherine's moment with Ryan on the hills full of tragedy or hope? After that series two finale, it's time to have your say...

Published: Tuesday, 15th March 2016 at 8:59 pm

As Catherine stared at Ryan bounding across the hills in that powerful final scene of Happy Valley, how did you feel?


It's proved a divisive moment here in the office: was it depressing, or hopeful? Final, or ambiguous?

I found it chilling and sad. As Catherine's eyes widened and she stood watching her family, I imagined her wondering what would become of Ryan.

Having just heard the shocking story of Daryl's conception through incest and abuse, I felt that Catherine was seeing Ryan as a similarly unnatural creation who had the potential to become like his own father. She looked alone, filled with fear.

Daryl murdered several women — was it something bad in his blood? Or was it nurture over nature? There has been this unshakeable worry throughout Happy Valley about Ryan's behaviour. Is he just being a normal boisterous kid, or has he inherited the very worst traits of Tommy Lee Royce?

But that's not how everyone saw it. As Catherine looked at her grandson happily thrashing a stick on the ground, perhaps she was simply moved by how much they've gone through together, how they're still a family, how fiercely she loves this source of so much pain and joy.

With a finale like that, we imagine you've got plenty of things to say about it. Did you feel it was depressing way to end the series, or did you find it cathartic after so much drama? Is there hope for Catherine or Ryan, or do you think it's inevitably tragic?


This is the place to let out all your thoughts and feelings about the finale of Sally Wainwright's drama.

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