“What was the point of it?”: Collateral viewers were seriously confused by the final episode

The BBC2 drama audience saw fault in the lack of "deep" storylines and Carey Mulligan pole vaulting

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From the tale of two murders to a troubled shadow transport secretary and, of course, Billie Piper launching a pizza on the floor, Collateral had plenty of plots thrown into its story. But did the final episode weave them all into a satisfying conclusion?


Not exactly. Although we saw Karen (Piper) get her money by stealing from her au pair, Kip (Carey Mulligan) uncover a people smuggling operation, and Peter Westbourne (Richard McCabe) revealed as the villain behind the whole thing, viewers were left confused. In particular, many couldn’t see the point of several characters.

Some simply thought the plot was spread too thinly across the show’s many faces…

And viewers were left disappointed that the references to Kip’s pole vaulting career never had a payoff…

But although there were those who were satisfied with the “intelligent” ending…


…others were left asking what the point of the drama was.