What time is the Victoria finale on TV tonight?

Jenna Coleman's monarch goes out with a literal bang in a dramatic conclusion to series one


It’s nearly over. Tonight brings us the eighth and final episode of the first series of Victoria and what a dramatic one it is, too…


Victoria’s still not feeling this whole pregnancy thing


Our poor monarch was utterly devastated when jumping up and down on the sofa ten times did nothing to reverse the effects of her and Albert’s amorous antics and, with her pregnancy progressing swiftly, she’s not feeling much better about it all.

The Queen is used to being the centre of attention, and she’s not eager to share the limelight with her growing baby bump.

The return of an old enemy doesn’t make things any easier


Baron Bomburst strikes again. What has the King of Hanover got up his sleeve?

And someone’s plotting something sinister – but could it be connected?

There’s a man in a room, scribbling furiously on a piece of paper as he receives instructions.


Could he be in cahoots with the King of Hanover? And what’s he plotting for our Victoria?


Find out when Victoria says a fond farewell on ITV at 9pm