What time is King Charles III on TV?

Everything you need to know about the BBC adaptation of Mike Bartlett’s controversial play


What time is King Charles III on TV?


It will air 9pm Wednesday 10th May, BBC2.

Who’s in the cast? 

The veteran actor Tim Pigott-Smith, who passed away in April, plays the titular royal with Oliver Chris playing Prince William and Charlotte Riley taking on the role of Kate Middleton.

You can check out more information on the cast here.

Why is King Charles III so controversial?

A drama opening with the image of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was always going to be close to the line. It certainly won’t be an easy watch for royalists with the fictionalised versions of William and Kate scheming for power, and the appearance of the ghost of Princess Diana.

It’s this that’s caused many to shun the play – as writer Mike Bartlett told Radio Times: “certain actors refused to be involved because of the honours system.”

Where was it filmed?

No, King Charles III wasn’t filmed in Buckingham Palace – it was actually filmed in handful of stately homes around the North of England. You can see exactly where here.

Why is everyone speaking like that?


Writer Mike Bartlett conceived the drama as a modern Shakespearean tragedy, meaning many of the characters speak in blank verse – in other words, with a special use of syllables and rhythm common to many of Shakespeare’s plays.