What time is In the Dark on TV?

Everything you need to know about the adaptation of Mark Billingham’s thriller novels


This new four-part BBC1 crime drama sees BAFTA-winning writer Danny Brocklehurst adapt Mark Billingham’s novels In The Dark and Time of Death for the small screen – here’s how to watch it…


What time is it on TV?

In the Dark concludes on Tuesday 1 August at 9pm on BBC1.

What can we expect?

In The Dark is set in Manchester, so inevitably the heroine is menaced by Jez Quigley from Coronation Street (Lee Boardman, always reliably beetle-browed and sinister).

But he’s just a messenger. Someone unseen is determined to stop Helen (MyAnna Buring) discovering the truth about that bizarre bus-shelter incident. Though you’ll perhaps have a good idea of your own who was behind it.

As this dreary crime drama concludes, Helen faces one last major hurdle as she moves on with her life, while all around her young men are dying in a gangland turf war.

You’ll probably be glad to reach the end, where there’s a little treat, a Grey’s Anatomy indie ballad to send you on your way.

Is there a trailer?

Oh yes…

Who’s in the cast? 

Ripper Street and Downton Abbey star MyAnna Buring plays Detective Helen Weeks, while Ben Batt (The Go Between, Shameless, From Darkness) is Paul Hopwood, her partner and a head strong Detective Inspector.


Interestingly, Matt King joins the cast – who’s best known for his role as Super Hans in Peep Show. It will be intriguing to see him in a more serious role…