What time is HIM on TV tonight?

Everything you need to know about ITV's supernatural "domestic horror" starring Katherine Kelly and Fionn Whitehead


What time is HIM on TV tonight?

The three-part chiller airs its first episode at 9pm on ITV and continues on Wednesday nights.


Who’s in it?

Katherine Kelly (Happy Valley), Patrick Robinson (Casualty), James Murray (Primeval), Lucy Liemann (Rev) and Susan Jameson (New Tricks), plus newcomers Simona Brown and, in the title role, Fionn Whitehead. 

What’s it about?

It’s about a 17-year-old boy whose parents have divorced. Mum and Dad have both remarried, so he now has two families: one with a stepsister his age, and a new baby; the other with a stepbrother a few years younger, and new twins on the way. The trouble is he doesn’t feel a part of either family. He feels neglected by his parents. And he’s got the usual teenage stuff going on. This makes him… angry.

Angry in a… supernatural sort of way?

Yep. If you’ve seen the film Carrie, you’ll have an idea.

Who wrote it?

Paula Milne. She previously did The Politician’s Wife, Small Island, White Heat and The Politician’s Husband.


What’s with the title?

We never learn the main character’s name – because, according to Milne, “he is all our brothers and all our sons”.