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What time is Delicious series two on TV?

Dawn French and Emilia Fox's domestic drama is set to return over the festive period

Published: Wednesday, 13th December 2017 at 10:30 am

Sky1's Cornwall-set drama Delicious is set to return to our screens over the Christmas period.


The first series saw Dawn French and Emilia Fox play two women entangled in a compelling tale of love, sex, deceit and betrayal, and was Sky’s most successful drama series of the last 12 months with an average cumulative audience of 1.87 million per episode.

What time is Delicious on TV?

The four part second series will air on Friday 29th December, 9pm Sky One and will simultaneously become available on Now TV.

What happened in series one?

*Spoilers for Delicious series one to follow*

Delicious introduced us to passionate cook Gina (French), who was having an affair with her ex-husband, celebrity chef Leo Vincent (Iain Glenn) behind his new wife Sam's (Fox) back.

Sounds spicy enough, right? Well, at the end of the first episode, any expectations of a traditional domestic love triangle drama were shattered when Leo met an early end after a heart attack – leaving his wife and his mistress to take control of his luxurious Cornwall hotel and restaurant.

Although they were initially at each other's throats, the feud had fizzled away by the end of the series, and more pressing matters – such as Sam's daughter's apparent incestuous relationship with her brother and later suicide attempt – took centre stage.

Things were wrapped up rather neatly, however, when it was revealed that mysterious biker James (Risteard Cooper) was her father, NOT Iain Glen's Vincent, leaving the incest for his other show, Game of Thrones.

Is there a trailer for series two?

Sort of. Sky 1 released a short teaser for the new series in early December which suggests that the relative calm at the Penrose will not last very long. Check it out below.

What is going to happen in series two?

Since our last visit, Gina and Sam’s business has been booming, their fragile friendship has lasted and they are on the lookout for a new protégé in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, it’s not long before the dynamics of family, love, rivalry and life start to get in the way of their tranquility. Not least when Gina’s estranged father (Franco Nero) turns up at the doorstep combined with further surprises from the past and the impact of Leo’s legacy…


Delicious also stars Sheila Hancock as Leo’s mother Mimi, Tanya Reynolds as Gina’s daughter Teresa, Ruairi O’Connor as Sam’s son Michael and Iain Glen as Leo Vincent. Aaron Anthony also joins the cast as Adam, the new face at the Penrose hotel.


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