What time is Come Home on TV?

The divorce drama concludes at 9pm on Tuesday 10th April, on BBC1.


What can we expect from the show?

Christopher Eccleston stars as Greg, a Northern Irish mechanic who’s pitching on a sea of emotions almost a year after his wife Marie walked out on him and their three children.

He’s a lost soul, holding himself together for the sake of the kids. But he’s lonely and tries internet dating, which ends disastrously after an excruciating meeting in a pub. Though Greg takes an unexpected byway when he rushes to the rescue of Brenna, who’s attacked by her abusive husband. They start a relationship but thoughts and memories of Marie arrive unbidden and unexpectedly as Greg tries to make sense of his new life.

Writer Danny Brocklehurst (Ordinary Lies) has a rare talent for pinpointing the most piercing emotions and is on fine form as he unwinds the threads of Greg’s life. Episode two next week looks at the story from Marie’s point of view.

Review by Alison Graham

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Who’s in the cast?

Here are the characters and actors you need to look out for…

Liam Anthony Boyle

Davey Boyle Brandon Brownlee

Nancy Joanne Crawford

Dex Rhys Dunlop

Greg Christopher Eccleston

Juliet Grainne Keenan

Marie Paula Malcomson

Molly Darcey McNeeley

Garry Doyle Patrick O'Kane

Laura Lola Petticrew


Brenna Doyle Kerri Quinn