Vote for the best Game of Thrones moment of all time

You've picked your top 10 moments - but which scene will reign supreme?


Last month we asked our readers to choose their favourite moments from smash-hit US fantasy series Game of Thrones. Five weeks and over 14,000 votes later, the results are in – with a few surprises in our top 10.


As you might expect, entries from the most recent episodes were freshest in people’s minds and hearts with over half the highest-voted moments coming from series six, while fan-favourites Jon Snow and Daenerys also dominated the shortlist to edge out others like Tyrion, Ned Stark and Oberyn Martell.

However, other characters and series also felt some love from fans, with many voters opting to relive the horrors of the Red Wedding or the Massacre at Hardhome all over again. You sadistic sorts, you.

You can see the full top 10 below, but your work’s not over yet. We now need you to pick the best of the best, the moment to end all moments, the Game of Thrones scene that will slaughter all the others and sit on the metaphorical Iron Throne of votes as the ultimate winner.

So scroll down for a reminder of the contenders, and then get voting – because as with the series itself, only one candidate can emerge victorious, no matter how depressing it is for everyone else.

After decades of fans theorizing, Jon Snow’s true past was revealed in emotionally stirring flashback scenes.

S6 e4 – Daenerys is reborn in fire (again)


In scenes that deliberately evoked the end of season 1, Daenerys slew her captors and emerged from a fiery blaze unscathed in a move that earned her the worship of thousands of Dothraki warriors.