Viewers were gripped by the ‘honest’ and ‘brutal’ conclusion of The State

Peter Kosminsky's IS drama won over viewers with its final episode last night


Channel 4’s The State has come under much scrutiny for its depiction of the Islamic State, but many viewers appear to have been impressed by the final episode of the series last night.


Peter Kosminsky’s drama aimed to give a more nuanced view of British Muslims who go over to Syria to fight. Many feared it would glorify the terrorist organisation – and some viewers felt uneasy about the depiction in the first episode.

But Kosminsky hoped that across all four episodes the show would portray IS in a realistic light, and going by viewer reactions on Twitter, it seems to have had an effect.

The State was based almost entirely upon real-life events. Kosminsky and his team conducted in-depth research and took personal accounts from family members of British Muslims who left the country to join the Islamic State. Read the review here.


The State is available to watch on All 4.