Viewers left shocked and appalled as David Tennant microwaves a cup of tea during Broadchurch

Almost as controversial as when Paul Hollywood dunked a jaffa cake


Viewers were left with plenty of burning questions after watching Broadchurch last night. Who sent those flowers? What is on Ian’s laptop?


But one far more important issue arose during episode three: “Who microwaves a cup of tea?!”

Fans of the ITV drama were left shocked to their core when Alec Hardy (David Tennant) was seen pouring a cup of tea from a very cold teapot and reheating it in a microwave. He might be under a lot of pressure to solve Trish’s case, but there’s no need for this…

Viewers were, understandably, baffled.

“Are you really going to drink that disgusting stewed tea?” Miller asked him.

Yes, yes, he was.


Broadchurch continues next Monday March 20 at 9pm on ITV.