Crime drama fans will be pleased to learn that the new season of Autrian-set Vienna Blood has returned to our screens once again.


Season 3 is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer and in it, Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard) and Oskar Rheinhardt (Juergen Maurer) are faced with more intriguing crime cases. As well as being the kind of drama that keeps us guessing and sleuthing till its last moments, the series is also set in the extravagant cultural hotbed of 1900s Vienna.

But amidst the opera houses, galleries and grand cafés that the show is set, is the drama actually filmed in the country? Read on to find out more about the filming locations in Vienna Blood season 3.

Where was Vienna Blood season 3 filmed?

Fans will be pleased to know that the series is actually filmed on location in Vienna and in Budapest, Hungary. Speaking about the location, Charlene McKenna, who plays Leah, said: "When you have the huge character of Vienna, getting to film there and now also in Budapest and not in a studio – this all adds to the quirkiness of the series. I think it's very interesting to have it in Vienna circa that time, especially with what was going on politically."

She continued, talking about the sets: "I walked in one day and was just taken aback. You could come to work, possibly a bit tired and grumpy, and you walk in and … you’re just floored, and you need to remind yourself, ‘Look where I am’ and ‘Look at the fantasy world I'm getting to play in.' Literally. Everything is so accurate and unique and of the time, and it's really a fantasy."

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Vienna Blood S3 BBC
Vienna Blood. BBC, Endor Productions / MR Film,Lenke Szilagyi

What are some of the specific locations in Vienna Blood season 3?

In the first episode, Deadly Communion, The Loos House is the exterior of Kristina’s Vogl’s fashion house. Architect Adolf Loos built it back in 1912 for the tailors Goldman und Salatsch and it now counts as an iconic example of Viennese Modernism.

Another historical building, the Hazai Bank, also provides the interior of Mode Salon Vogl. This monumental building was originally constructed in Secessionist style by Károly Reiner to be the stately headquarters of Hazai Bank in Budapest, opening for business in 1914. After WWII, British diplomats moved in and the new embassy became a bastion of Western culture.

The funeral parlour where Max and Oskar search for a man with a special connection to death was shot in Vienna’s Central Cemetery (Wiener Zentralfriedhof), which is one of the largest cemeteries in the world and opened in 1874.

Other locations, like Max’s Apartment and the café where Leah and Clara drink, can be found in Budapest.

Vienna Blood series 3 BBC
Vienna Blood. BBC, Endor Productions / MR Film,Lenke Szilagyi

In episode 2, The God of Shadows, the Postal Museum, the elegant square of Michaelerplatz and Dr Ignaz Seipel Platz, formerly known as Universitätsplatz (University Square), are some of the Vienna filming hotspots. In the final episode of season 3, Death is Now a Welcome Guest, two of the main filming locations are perhaps some of the most visually stunning.

As well as being the setting for the rehearsals of Ibsen’s Doll’s House, The Vígszínház Theatre is a 125-year-old comedy theatre and is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful theatres in central Europe.

The final episode also ends with Max and Oskar walking through the Baroque gardens of Vienna’s Belvedere Palace, known as the Belvedere Palace Gardens. The iconic outdoor space showcases all the essential elements of Baroque Garden architecture: symmetrical flower parterres, water basins, tiers and steps, trimmed hedges and more.

Vienna Blood season 3 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now, as well as the previous two seasons.

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