Prince Albert goes skinny dipping in new Victoria sneak peek video

The Queen may not be amused, but we're guessing ITV viewers will be...

Victoria Albert series 2

Tom Hughes’ Prince Albert rather fancies escaping French court and getting a taste of the great outdoors in this Sunday’s Victoria, so much so that he decides to indulge in a spot of skinny dipping!


The prince, who’s been struggling with some explosive revelations about his parentage in the second series of Daisy Goodwin’s ITV drama, throws caution (and his britches) to the wind as he leaps into a luscious pool of water while walking with his pals in the countryside in a sneak peek at episode five.

It’s not long before his companions Drummond and Lord Alfred bring a whole new meaning to the term ‘bottoms up’ by joining him, and brother Ernst takes a rather more conservative dip – not in the nip.

Where is Victoria while all this is going on, you might ask? Well, the queen is kept quite busy dealing with her French counterpart King Louis Philippe I, who’s planning to marry his son to the Queen of Spain.

Can Victoria convince him to change his mind before it’s too late?


Victoria airs on ITV on Sunday nights at 9pm