Victoria Beckham will not be making a cameo in Girls season 3 – but Jamie Dornan might

Lena Dunham scotches reports of an imminent appearance by the former Spice Girl - but says that The Fall and Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan is a definite candidate...

For fans of HBO’s hit show Girls there is some god new and some bad news.


The potentially disappointing update is that the rumours that Victoria Beckham is to enjoy a cameo in the upcoming third series of the show are unfounded.

But the good news is that Jamie Dornan, star of BBC2 crime drama The Fall – and the man who will play Christian Grey in the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey – is definitely on creator Lena Dunham’s hitlist for an appearance.

Dunham, who also stars in the award-winning US comedy-drama, as aspiring writer Hannah, chose yesterday’s London screening and question and answer session to say of the Beckham rumours: “We would be very excited to welcome Victoria Beckham on our set but this a match made by the Daily Mail.”

Earlier she told reporters on the red carpet at Cineworld Haymarket in the West End: “Victoria Beckham mentioned she loved the show in an interview and this has been metastasised into ‘Victoria Beckham is the fifth Girl’. We love Victoria Beckham but she’s a little chic for us.”

However, both Dunham and Allison Wiliams – who plays Marnie in the show – said they would be happy to welcome Dornan onto their set, with Williams admitting that the Fifty Shades of Grey actor is the performer she would most like to make a guest appearance. “He feels right,” she joked at the question and answer session hosted by Girls guest-star Richard E Grant.

Dunham said: “Allison wants Jamie. But she requested him post the casting of Fifty Shades.”

The show’s producer Jenni Konner also all-but scotched suggestions of a Girls movie, saying they are more than happy with making TV shows, but adding “never say never”.

Co-star Zosia Mamet, who plays naive chatterbox Shoshanna in the hit show, joked that such is the closeness of the cast and crew that filming sex scenes felt awkward.

“We have been together so long and we are like a family… so it’s a bit like having sex in front of your family,” she said.

Dunham also joked about the rudeness of strangers who feel free to be able to comment on her work in person.

“A lot of people when they first meet me they say ‘I really hated this when I saw it first and now I love it’. I wish they could leave out the first bit. It’s like people saying: ‘You are quite pretty for a fat girl’.”

The much-anticipated third series of Girls will premiere on Sky Atlantic on 20 January.