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Versailles star Alexander Vlahos has an idea for a 'MonChevy' spin-off

What could the future hold for Prince Philippe and Chevalier?

Alexander Vlahos and Evan Williams in Versailles
Published: Monday, 6th August 2018 at 10:00 pm

With the long-awaited words "I. Love. You," MonChevy fans finally got exactly what they had been waiting for in the last ever episode of Versailles.


The emotional moment set hearts fluttering as Prince Philippe (Alexander Vlahos) reconciled with his former lover, Chevalier de Lorraine (Evan William).

But for those who were left wanting more, Vlahos has an excellent idea for a spin-off.

"There should be a MonChevy spin-off which is the two of us, basically," he tells

"And I always joked to Evan, I said it should be completely different to Versailles. It should be a live studio audience, it should be a sitcom – a Friends-type thing. And half-an-hour episodes of us just getting into nonsense."

That's not his only bright idea. Versailles was recently named Radio Times Drama Champion, and with such a dedicated fanbase, the actor reckons they could continue the story with King Louis XIV's heir the Dauphin.

"We set up the end of the season, Louis XV," he explains. "It could always be made into something like American Horror Story, you know. You could have the same characters come back, play different parts, and set it in a different period. We could do Marie Antoinette..."

Alexander Vlahos plays Prince Philippe in Versailles

Still, don't expect a Versailles comeback any time soon. Vlahos has said he believes "good things come to an end," arguing that this was the perfect point at which to end the story.

Asked whether he'd be up for returning to the role of Philippe, he says: "In future years, yeah. But for now, in terms of where I'm at as an actor and how I said goodbye to Philippe and all that...

"I mean, I do bloody hate the wig and the clothes at times. So I think I'd need enough time away from it to not love-hate it, and fall back in love with the idea of it again."

But Vlahos leaves us with hope.

"It's not a no, but it's: not now," he tells us.


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