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Meet the cast of Versailles series three

George Blagden and Alexander Vlahos return, but there are some new faces

Published: Friday, 21st June 2019 at 12:59 am

Stuart Bowman plays Bontemps

Stuart Bowman plays Bontemps in Versailles

Who is Bontemps? Bontemps, the Governor of Versailles, is Louis' long-suffering right hand man. He considers it his duty to defend the King against all plots and advises him on strategy, even when this is a thankless task.

Where have I seen Stuart Bowman before? Stuart Bowman also plays Sergeant Thomson in Gary: Tank Commander. He'll soon appear in the Keeley Hawes drama Bodyguard.

Maddison Jaizani plays Sophie de Clermont

Maddison Jaizani plays Sophie in Versailles

Who is Sophie? Sophie is the daughter of the Chevalier's cousin Béatrice, played by Amira Casar. In series one we saw Béatrice's desperate attempts to lure the King's attention to her beautiful daughter. She later became the Duchess of Cassel when the King asked her to marry the Duke of Cassel (Pip Torrens), but she poisoned him after he raped her.

Where have I seen Maddison Jaizani before? Maddison Jaizani has also popped up in Into the Badlands and Tyrant.

Catherine Walker plays Madame de Mainenon

Catherine Walker – Madame de Mainenon, aka Madame Scarron in Versailles

Who is Madame de Maintenon? Formerly known as Madame Scarron. The real-life Françoise d'Aubigné, Marquise de Maintenon was a widower who had been married to the debt-laden poet Paul Scarron. She was a friend of Louis' mistress Montespan, and in 1669 became governess to the king's illegitimate children. The king came to visit and, despite their initial dislike of each other, romance soon blossomed. When the king's wife died, they married in secret in 1683 and she became his second wife.

Where have I seen her before? In the TV series Critical as Fiona Lomas, or perhaps in The Clinic as Alice O'Brien.

Anna Brewster plays Madame de Montespan

Anna Brewster as Montespan in Versailles

Who is Madame de Montespan? At the beginning of series two, Madame de Montespan was Louis' mistress. Witty, ambitious and beautiful, she became the most powerful woman in France. But as we enter series three, she has lost her grip on the King and his heart.

Where have I seen Anna Brewster before? You may have caught a glimpse of her in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Bazine Netal. She's also been in Material Girl, Silent Witness (as Deana Collier) and The Tudors (as Anna Buckingham).

Daphne Patakia plays Eleanor

Daphne Patakia plays Eleanor in Versailles

Who is Eleanor? In series 3, Louis welcomes the defeated Emperor Leopold and his niece Eleanor to Versailles. Leopold plans to marry her to Spain's King Charles II to secure his position.

Where have I seen Daphne Patakia before? The Belgian-Greek actress has appeared in a number of films including Djam, Rattrapage, and A Paris Education.

Marie Askehave plays Delphine

Marie Askehave plays Delphine in Versailles

Who is Delphine? The Duchesse d'Angers is a wealthy, single woman. She is also a Protestant.

Where have I seen Marie Askehave before? The Danish actress and singer is perhaps best known in the UK for her role as Rie Skovgaard in The Killing. She also played Benedikte Nedergaard in Borgen.

Matthew McNulty plays Guillaume, and Jenny Platt plays his sister Jeanne

Matthew McNulty plays Guillaume, and Jenny Platt plays his sister Jeanne in Versailles

Who are Guillaume and Jeanne? A tanner by trade, Guillaume saved Philippe's life on the battlefield. Now he is back in Paris heading up the business alongside his sister Jeanne, and has the favour (and custom) of the King as reward for his heroics.

Where have I seen Matthew McNulty before? If you've been watching The Terror, you'll recognise Matthew McNulty as Lt Edward Little. He's also appeared in The Musketeers as Lucien Grimaud, and Black Work as DC Jack Clark. In Misfits he played Seth, the man with the ability to "transfer" powers between all the different characters.


Where have I seen Jenny Platt before? The actress is best known for playing Violet Wilson in Coronation Street.


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