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Unforgotten viewers have some major questions about the series three finale

Most applauded the ITV drama's last episode – but what exactly were those flashbacks about?

*Spoiler warning: Do NOT read this unless you have seen the Unforgotten series 3 finale!*


After six gripping episodes of ITV’s Unforgotten, Hayley’s killer was finally unmasked as… Tim Finch.

Yes, following weeks of investigating, DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and DI Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) finally learnt that the country doctor (played by Alex Jennings) had killed the schoolgirl 18 years earlier. In a chilling interview scene, Finch sipped a cup of tea while revealing himself as a rapist and a serial killer who had murdered his victims over several decades.

As writer Chris Lang told when explaining the series finale: “Real proper evil rarely comes wearing a cloak and a dagger. It’s wearing a cardigan or a fleece.”

But however gripping Finch’s confession was, some were expecting another twist given that Finch had been arrested in the previous instalment.

And then there were the apparent flashbacks. Viewers were confused about what linked the scenes where male suspects seemingly remembered moments of violence when the police interviewed them about Hayley...

...while other fans posted their own theories.

But even if some had a few quibbles with the show, most were in agreement Unforgotten series three was a drama to remember.

So, will there be a fourth series? “We’re talking about series four at the moment,” Chris Lang revealed to "I think there’s definitely a desire to do series four, from pretty much everyone, so we’re just in talks".

You can read Lang's thoughts about the next series of Unforgotten here.


This article was originally published in August 2018

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